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 How to mod 10th (splitscreen)

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How to mod 10th (splitscreen) Empty
PostSubject: How to mod 10th (splitscreen)   How to mod 10th (splitscreen) I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 21, 2010 7:08 am

OK, today i am going to show you guys how to Mod to 10th Prestige on split screen ..

Programs needed:

MPDATA Editor v2

OK, this is what you have to do .. start of by getting your MP_data... from your Harddrive or Memory Unit.. To Find this you go into Your profile folder and open the modern warfare 2 folder, this is called something like 47073757 .. i guessed because i dont know the exat name .. then in there there should be another folder called 0001000
open this and in there should be your MP_data... and your samesave...

If you do not have a MP_data file in here it is because you have not been in a split screen game on that account before.. to get the MP_data simply sign into the profile you want to mod and start a split screen game and then end it.. easy hey!

OK, once you have your gamesave drag it to your desktop then open MPeditor V2.. on the top right of the program it will say (open).. find the MP_data that you saved to your desktop and open it up .. then you can put the prestige you want .. and rename the classes to what you want .. you can change all the guns and the names with colors and buttons in the names.. Then once you have done everything you want save the new file and then open up modio and drag the file into there .. click rehash and resign then close out of modio and overwrite the new MP_data from your harddrive with the new modded one .. then load mw2 and go on split screen and see your levels and classes!
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How to mod 10th (splitscreen)
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