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 Unlimited AC130 Primary weapon Tutorial

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H2B Ghetto
H2B Ghetto

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PostSubject: Unlimited AC130 Primary weapon Tutorial   Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:53 am

Hey guys,
TTG_ExTr3Me here showing you a new glitch where you can shoot you primary and secondary weapons while in an AC130! And the primary and secondary weapons have unlimited ammo! It is not the most useful glitch but it is fun to play around with!

What you will need:

Killstreak -
3 Kill Streak = UAV
4 Kill Streak = Care Package
5 Kill Streak = AC130

A friend to help you out!


Primary weapon = A LMG with a lot of rounds
Secondary weapon = AT4S or RPG-4
Perk 2: Danger Close
Equipment: Tactical Insertions are helpful !

Here is how you do the glitch:

Step 1: Get your UAV and call it in!

Step 2: Get your Care Package, but DO NOT call it in.

Step 3: Get your AC130!

Step 4: Get a friend to stand directly in front of you. (He must be on the other team)

Step 5: Call in your AC130! While your laptop is opening, press the knife button as fast as you can.

Step 6: Once "+50" pops up on the screen for knifing your friend, press "Right on the D-Pad" then "Y". Keep doing this until it shows in the bottom right of your screen your primary weapon.

If you did this correctly you will have three types of weapons. Your primary, Care Package (which doesn't shoot), and your secondary.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hoped I helped.

Thanks again!
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Unlimited AC130 Primary weapon Tutorial
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