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 How to get 25 kills fast! [Nuke Guide]

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One hit wonder
One hit wonder

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PostSubject: How to get 25 kills fast! [Nuke Guide]   Sat Apr 17, 2010 9:12 am

Modern Warfare 2: Easy Tactical Nuke guide

Please note:
Using this guide may have players call you a "noob", bad player, or other moronic childish harassment. The weapons in the game are part of the game, if the players were good, they'd be easily able to not go near you. This guide will not work all of the time, and will only work for people who have the common sense to save their own asses when it needs saving. This guide also requires the level needed for One Man Army/pro.


Class setup:
Primary Weapon: Any assault rifle, Grenade launcher attachment
Secondary Weapon: Will be replaced with OMA.
Equipment: Claymore
Special Grenade: Your choice
Perk 1: One Man Army/Pro.
Perk 2: Danger Close/Pro.
Perk 3: Ninja/Pro OR Commando/Pro. (Preferred by you)

Alright. Now, I'm up to 119 Nukes, so I know how to get them. I've gotten well over 40 using this tactic, it works EXTREMELY well, you just have to know how to pull off a quick save or two if it comes down to that.

Let me first explain a few things.
This guide will resort to mainly camping. Here's a few Cons to this.

Headquarters teams are mainly all attackers. You will sit back in a building in your spawn. If your team attacks and leaves you defenseless by yourself, once the bomb is destroyed the other team will spawn near you. If you've killed them and they spawn near you, it's almost 100% likely they're coming back to get revenge. In this case, make sure you know an escape route. For example, Rundown. The building near the main bridge, you can jump out the windows and run along the creek for quick escape.

Now, like I was saying.
HQ is mainly an attacking type of game.
Nearly all people want to capture the objective. That's where your grenade launcher comes in.
Even though this is HQ, there will still be other people doing what you do. it's just a matter of you finding them first.

Once the objective is online, get a clear shot and take it with that launcher. Once both grenades are used, One man army switch and do it again.
This will result in 1 of the 2:
1: You'll receive a few or a decent amount of kills
2: You will receive 0 kills.

If option 2 occurs, you want to immediately scope out another area of the map for their spawn. Once it's found, attack again.
Doing this method will lead you to 2 awesome achievements.
Your teams capture of the objective, your harrier.

Getting a harrier in this method isn't hard whatsoever.
Here's a good thing about HQ:

Many people don't use Cold Blooded.
Alot of people spawn in the open due to the fact that there's no actual spawn points
Many people don't equip launchers. The objective is more important to them

If all goes well this will lead you to an 11 kill streak. That will render you an AC-130 or preferably Chopper Gunner.
Here's some major tips.

-NEVER EVVERRRR use your killstreaks while the enemy team has the bomb.
-Do not allow your team to capture the bomb while you're in a chopper/ac. Tell them you're going for a nuke, they'll most likely help you.
-Do not attack with a grenade launcher in one place. Stay in a vicinity. not just one place. this will render you sniped, or equally grenade killed.
-Still play defensive! If you hear your claymore go off, make sure you turn around and kill the guy if he isn't dead.. Don't just sit there.

-Tips for not dying in a rush-
If somebody comes after you in a rush, I can't say anything but KILL THEM. Once they're dead, move to a new spot. If somebody's coming after a camper, they won't stop. Period. Just make sure you play tactical like, defensive, and aggressive.

My last tip.
Don't sit around and use one man army if there's guys right outside a window and you have bullets left. You don't need the grenader 100%. If you have bullets, use them for gods sake!


Well guys! That's the end. I hope you enjoyed this! It should help you out a bit. Once this guide is finished helping you, bam! You'll earn that dreaded 25 Kill streak for a Nuke.

Good luck nukin' guys!
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H2B Ghetto
H2B Ghetto

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PostSubject: Re: How to get 25 kills fast! [Nuke Guide]   Sat Apr 17, 2010 10:35 am

Good post!
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How to get 25 kills fast! [Nuke Guide]
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